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It’s true…you meet people for a reason. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs. Nearly sixteen years ago, their story began. At that time, neither of them could have predicted that they would be business partners. In fact, they were on opposite sides of the fence: One of them part of the management team at a financial institution and one of them regulating that institution. Their interactions were always friendly, but communications were focused on the examination at hand. Once each exam ended, they went their separate ways…until one day their paths crossed again. This time, they were on the same team, working for the same cause: to partner with their clients to build and maintain strong, practical and effective compliance risk management programs and help them navigate the constant onslaught of regulatory demands and changes. They talked and collaborated daily over several years and forged a strong bond of trust, shared vision and perseverance for something bigger than even they could imagine. After careful consideration they realized the time was right for them to chart their own course.

They formed Sterling Compliance with that piece of certainty in their minds. And while the name Sterling Compliance may be new to you, the strength behind the name comes from nearly 80 combined years of experience, as former bankers, regulators and independent consultants. That experience allows them to bring a balanced perspective to their clients for practical approaches to regulatory compliance with battle-tested, effective results.

This is their story…they are ready to help you write yours.

They invite you to visit their website at

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