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In December of 1909, the Miami Savings & Loan Company was incorporated in Miamitown, Ohio. The first Directors, elected on January 10, 1910, were Lewis R. Hine, William Adams, Frank Arnold, William Bohnert, Amos Pickens, Joseph Gieringer Sr., and William Minges. Their vision was a simple concept of “neighbors helping neighbors.”

The Miami Savings & Loan Company originally rented space in the Joseph Gieringer & Sons Company building. In 1931, the bank purchased the building. It was remodeled and remained the home of Miami Savings & Loan until 1964 when the company moved into its new and present location at 8008 Ferry Street. The Ferry Street location was remodeled and an addition was built in 1994. It is now twice the size it was in 1964.

In February of 1995, Miami Savings & Loan opened its second location on South State Street in Harrison, Ohio. Just four years later, in August of 1999, Miami Savings & Loan, now known as Miami Savings Bank, opened its third branch in Oxford, Ohio on West Spring Street near the Miami University campus. At the end of September, 2008, Miami Savings continued its growth by moving its Oxford branch to a larger facility at 475 McGuffey Avenue.

Since opening in 1909, Miami Savings Bank began with capital stock of $50,000 and one office, and has grown into a bank which now has three branches and over $120,000,000 in assets.

Over the past 107 plus years, their communities have experienced growth, opportunities, and challenges. Through it all the bank has grown and meets the financial needs with complete safety. They have remained vital to the community by offering competitive products for individuals and businesses. They take pride in being able to make timely decisions which support jobs, business development, and community support. Most of all they have pursued the most prudent banking practices as they gather deposits and provide for loans.

It is their belief that it is a privilege to be part of our community. It is only natural to give volunteer time and funding to local non-profits. In addition, they are most proud of their School Savers Program where their staff visits local schools and accepts deposits from students. Annually, they give a scholarship to a Harrison High School senior to assist in attending college. They are happy to live in the area they serve!

The mission of the Miami Savings Bank is to be a community bank servicing the local Miamitown, Harrison, and Oxford areas in meeting the personal financial needs, providing residential mortgages and small business loans. Miami Savings Bank will originate or participate in certain lending activities outside the community on a selective basis when preferred opportunities exist.

Miami Savings Bank will attract funds from their community by providing excellent service to meet depositors needs and by utilizing other sources of funds. Further, Miami Savings Bank will be managed in ways which provide an acceptable return on assets and adequate capital at a given risk exposure.

As a community bank, Miami Savings Bank’s directors, officers and staff take great pride in serving their loyal customers. They hope you find their website easy to use and encourage you to visit any of their three offices. On behalf of their team, thank you for your support and business support of their bank.

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