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2019 TSL Designated Charity

Community Matters

They believe that community matters.

Their community connects them and gives them their sense of place. Living in community means being a part of something bigger than oneself and creating space for people, families, and a local economy.

Founded in 2014, Community Matters has deep roots in the Lower Price Hill community, developed from the over forty years of work by its sister organization, Education Matters. Community Matters was created from the will of the Lower Price Hill community to address the overwhelming disparity in access to opportunities for their residents.  In 2011, Community Matters’ founders listened to the frustration of residents who faced a daunting gap in the ability to create new opportunities and to grow within the community.  Their neighbors felt trapped in an environment with 48% living in poverty, 66% unemployment rate, 90% renters without access to truly dignified housing, and the second lowest life expectancy rate in Cincinnati.  As a result of these frustrations, alongside their neighbors, Community Matters responded with a vision that flipped the non-profit model on its head by challenging the idea that services alone are the answer to their needs.  Instead, they believe that their community has the ability to meet its needs and to create long-term well-being through a collaboration among neighbors, businesses, and organizations.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To create a thriving and more just community by removing barriers to opportunity.

Vision: A city where all people hold the power to create opportunity.

What They Do

Their driving goal is to remove barriers to opportunity. Community Matters programs are designed to empower people to create opportunities, engage the community in the development process, create ways to serve together, and re-build the local economy through social entrepreneurship.

Their History

The concept of Community Matters grew from the energy and effort of the leadership of Education Matters; along with the expressed desire of the community. While education plays a key role in an individual’s ability to take control of the future; access to other types of opportunities are necessary in creating thriving and just neighborhoods. Education Matters and Community Matters share a vision of transforming the city from within by valuing the whole person, believing in the potential of each individual and creating opportunities for that potential to take form.

Community Matters is charged with listening to the voices of the Lower Price Hill community and seeking out new opportunities with their neighbors. They are rooted in the long history in Lower Price Hill.

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Community Bankers Association of Ohio

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